What You Need to Know About Your Drug Screening

Find Us

We’re located at the corner of Waterlick and Timberlake Road, right behind Mr. Goodies.

Monday – Friday

9am – 5pm


9am – 12pm



  • You must present a photo ID
  • Drug screens are conducted on a first-come, first-serve walk-in basis- No appointments.
  • No need to print out your authorization. We can accept it on your phone
  • If your electronic authorization has expired, please contact your employer for an extension. We cannot process an expired authorization.
  • Once the drug screening process begins, you must remain inside the facility until the process is completed.
  • If you are unable to provide a sufficient sample, you will have 3 hours to provide an adequate amount to complete your screening. You will not be allowed to leave the building. 40 oz of water will be provided over the 3 hr period.
  • At anytime during the collection process, if you become argumentative or hostile, you will be asked to exit the building, and your test will be entered as a “Refusal to Test.”